TUT – Time under Tension

Increasing time under tension (TUT) is a concept in weight training that involves extending the duration of each repetition or set to stimulate muscle growth and strength gains more effectively. It is believed to help achieve better results in a faster time by optimising the muscle’s response to resistance training. Here’s an explanation of how this works and how threezero’s Biocircuit incorporates these principles:

  1. Time Under Tension (TUT):
    • When you perform resistance training, such as lifting weights, your muscles generate force to overcome the resistance.
    • TUT refers to the total amount of time that your muscles are under strain during a set or repetition.
    • Increasing TUT can lead to several benefits, including:
      • Hypertrophy: Longer periods of tension can lead to greater muscle fiber recruitment and damage, stimulating muscle growth (hypertrophy).
      • Strength: TUT can help improve strength as it requires sustained muscle engagement.
      • Endurance: It can enhance muscular endurance by forcing muscles to work for longer periods.
    • Traditionally, increasing TUT is achieved by controlling the tempo of repetitions, slowing down the eccentric (muscle-lengthening) and concentric (muscle-shortening) phases of the movement.
  2. threezero’s Biocircuit and Isotonic Resistance with Eccentric Overload:
    • threezero’s Biocircuit is a fitness system that combines technology with resistance training to create a highly efficient and customizable workout experience.
    • Biocircuit employs isotonic resistance, which means that the resistance remains constant throughout the range of motion of an exercise. This type of resistance allows for a more consistent and controlled workout.
    • Additionally, Biocircuit incorporates eccentric overload, a feature that can enhance TUT:
      • Eccentric overload: The eccentric phase of a movement occurs when the muscle lengthens under tension. This phase is often associated with greater muscle damage, which can lead to more significant adaptations.
      • By incorporating eccentric overload, Biocircuit ensures that the eccentric phase is challenging, encouraging the muscles to work harder during this phase.
      • This approach can increase TUT and promote greater muscle growth and strength development.

In summary, increasing time under tension (TUT) during weight training is a strategy to achieve better results in a shorter time by optimising muscle engagement, fiber recruitment, and muscle damage. threezero’s Biocircuit utilises isotonic resistance with an eccentric overload to provide a controlled and effective workout that enhances TUT, leading to improved muscle growth, strength gains, and overall fitness outcomes.