Our studio is conveniently located in Cape Quarter, De Waterkant. There is lots of parking and the studio is accessed directly from Level A or from Dixon Street. We have change rooms, a shower and toilet facilities as well as an area to relax and socialise.

Threezero is not a typical gym. It is a club where we ensure our members train on the most advanced equipment available in the country and in a nurturing space where members are part of our Threezero family.

We look forward to welcoming you to our studio and showing off our incredible BIOCIRCUIT, the first in South Africa.


Threezero is owned by Andrew Collins. For the last ten years Andrew has run a successful boutique fitness studio in Tokai. When Andrew learned about Technogym’s Biocircuit he realised he could take all the knowledge gained since 2012 and apply it to this incredible innovation.

“After working with thousands of members over the years and understanding how many find traditional gyms intimidating, I was incredibly excited to find Biocircuit. While it simplifies the training and makes it fun, it provides an incredibly high quality of training which is measurable and repeatable. A digital personal trainer never gets bored or tired. Every time you complete a session you feel you have done the best possible workout you could have in the 30 minutes. The value for money is unbeatable. If you train three times a week the cost per session is as little as R92. 

Quite literally My Perfect Workout.”