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The perfect workout for people short on time, but needing great results.

At threezero this is no ordinary circuit. The machines are completely automated and guide you every step of the way. You never need to remember any settings or make any adjustments yourself.


Our machines know who you are, they set themselves up to your body and guide you through a workout specially designed to help you achieve 30% better results with only three sessions a week.

Just log in and start training. You will be guided to the first machine and it will adjust itself to your settings automatically. The 30 second rest period between machines keeps your heart rate up and keeps you moving. No stopping and no waiting.



Boost your energy and mood with increased muscle strength and improved posture. Perfect for beginners.


Raise your metabolic rate for a slimmer shape by burning more calories and building muscle strength.


Look and feel great by improving muscle balance, toning postural muscles and increasing joint flexibility.


Improve athletic performance and increase muscle power with high intensity training.


Enhance your quality of life with a safe programme that is beneficial to your energy level, bone health and mood.


We offer various memberships from Drop-in to 12 months.

Visit our studio for a free trial session and to find out which membership is perfect for you.

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What is a trial session?

We will find out what your goals are and explain how we can help you achieve them. You will then be able to try out the circuit. The cost is R250.

How do I sign up?

It’s easy. Click here to select your membership and join. We will contact you to set up your first session.

WhatsApp us.
Call us on 021 745 6653.
Drop us an email

Or, best of all, pop in to visit us. We’d love to meet you and show off our incredible Biocircuit.

Do members need to book their training slots?

No. Once you have been through the on-boarding process, you can simply arrive at the studio, tag in and train. The Artificial Intelligence of the circuit will allocate you to a machine and from there you will be guided through the circuit. No waiting. No stopping. 30 minutes of HIIT training.

What is the onboarding process?

This is the process where the correct program is selected for your goals and each machine is tailored to you. You will have the seat and range of motion set correctly and then have a simple strength test on each machine. Once the circuit knows your parameters, you are good to go.

What are the programmes?

We have five basic programmes. Start Moving, Lose Weight, Tone Up, Stay Young and Boost Your Performance. No matter your goal, there’s a perfect programme for you. We can also tailor make a programme to suit your goals.

Is it cost effective?

Compared to training with a physical personal trainer, threezero is extremely cost effective. If you train three times a week each session will cost from only R92.

How do I adjust the machines?

You don’t need to! The smart technology sets up each machine to your specific settings. They automatically adapt to you as you get stronger and fitter. But you are able to make adjustments by simply tapping on the screen.

Is it safe?

Yes, you cannot injure yourself on the circuit. Each machine is perfectly and automatically set to your posture. Your Range Of Motion and Pace are carefully controlled. It’s not only safe but also fun.

Is there help available?

Yes. Our qualified PTs are on hand to advise and assist you if you need help.

How many people can train on the circuit at the same time?

The circuit allows 12 people to train at the same time. Every few minutes one person finishes their 30 minute workout and a new person can join the circuit. When you arrive at the studio and tag into the circuit you will be given your exact starting time. If the circuit is full you may have to wait a few minutes, otherwise you can join immediately.

Are there any restrictions on who can train?

The circuit is designed to give the perfect workout to almost everybody whether you are new to exercise or have been going to gym for years. The maximum weight of a person our machines can handle is 250kg.

What if I need to cancel my membership?

You may terminate your membership early by giving us 20 business days notice in writing and paying a reasonable cancellation penalty which will be 30% of the remaining portion of your membership.