Resistance Profiles

Experienced gym goers will love the feel of the machines and the workouts they give you. Only Threezero allows you to have different weights on the eccentric and concentric phases, optimised for the perfect workout. It is also the only equipment where the same machine can have varying resistance profiles (viscous, elastic, kinetic or isotonic) depending on the programme you are on.

Where Threezero really shines is if you are someone who has tried gym or loved the super circuit but never knew exactly what you should be doing. Or were intimidated by other gym goers, or couldn’t remember your settings. You are going to love Threezero.

12 machines, 2 laps, 30 minutes

The circuit is made up of 12 machines, 6 strength and 6 cardio. Your workout takes 30 minutes and consists of two laps of the circuit. You cannot make any mistakes.

The first time you visit the studio we will set each machine to your specific settings. Seat height, the position of the levers, the programme you are on, as well as your strength level.

From then on when you arrive at the studio you simply tag in at the kiosk and follow the directions.

Guided workout

While on a machine it will guide you through the workout on an easy to read 10” screen. The workout is fun and keeps you focused as you strive to achieve a 100% compliance level. Certain programmes have a Spotter function where the machine will automatically assist you if you are not able to maintain your level.

Your digital personal trainer will make sure you have the perfect workout every single time you train. The digital trainer is never distracted by their phone pinging or someone else coming up to them.

Once you start your workout you will never have to wait as the circuit keeps everyone moving at the right pace. This solves one of the huge problems of a conventional super circuit.

If you have any questions or need help one of our knowledgeable trainers will be on hand. Or you can just get on and train.

Technology and data

Our BIOCIRCUIT has been developed by Technogym, one of the world’s leading gym equipment manufacturers. The BIODRIVE engine was developed for space and is the result of cutting edge technology.

Not only does the circuit itself guide you, it also records your results and automatically increases the levels as you get stronger. Your Threezero app allows you to review any workout and to track your progress. If you have found conventional gyms frustrating because you never knew if you were really getting stronger, Threezero will be a revelation. Our data will allow you to easily monitor your improvement.

“It’s about convenience, about reducing the number of steps a person has to take to get what they want.” We are all unique and Threezero gives you a hyper-personalised workout with faster and better results. It’s personal training without a personal trainer.