Mastering the Biocircuit Compliance Score at Threezero: Tips for Success

At Threezero, we want to help you make the most of your workout on the Technogym Biocircuit. Today, we’re diving into the compliance score system, how to get comfortable with the machine setup, and achieving that coveted 100% compliance score. Let’s break it down in a fun and engaging way!

Understanding the Compliance Score

What is the Compliance Score? The compliance score on the Biocircuit measures how well you control the white ball along the grey path during your workout. To hit 100% compliance, you need to guide the white ball perfectly along the grey road. The AI system prioritises your control on this path, even if you miss a couple of yellow diamonds along the way.

Achieving 100% Compliance

Hitting the Target: If you’re consistently scoring between 93% and 97%, despite perfectly following the path and feeling like you are coping easily, it’s time to step up your game. The AI believes you’ve gotten stronger and can handle more resistance. To hit that 100%, try increasing the weight by 1-2 kilograms (2-4 pounds). This reset will challenge you and bring your score back up.

Consistency Counts: If you’ve been scoring 100% for more than eight sessions or four weeks, it’s time for another bump in difficulty. Increasing the weight slightly will ensure you continue to build strength.

Finding Your Sweet Spot

Balancing Act: The key to effective training is finding the right balance. If you’re aiming for strength improvements, set the difficulty high enough that hitting 100% is a challenge but not impossible. You should feel like you’re exerting yourself at an 8 or 9 out of 10. Aim for a compliance score between 90% and 100% during regular sessions.

Gradual Progression: After an initial assessment, your difficulty level will be set to moderately hard. Over the next six weeks, aim to increase the weight by 1-2 kilograms (2-4 pounds) every 4-6 sessions. By the fifth or sixth week, the difficulty should be high enough to make achieving 100% challenging, but not so tough that you’re routinely below 90%.

Training for Endurance and Calorie Burning

Mixing It Up: If your goal is to burn calories or improve strength endurance, focus on increasing the volume of your workouts instead of just the weight. This means adding more sets, reps, or rounds to your circuit. You can either change your program or simply extend your sessions to include more rounds.

Tips for Getting Comfortable on the Machine

Set Up with Confidence: Getting comfortable with the machine setup is crucial. Trust the AI to adjust settings based on your profile and follow the on-screen guidance for the best experience. If you ever feel unsure, our friendly staff at Threezero are always here to help.

Stay Consistent: Consistency is key in any fitness journey. Regular sessions and gradual increases in difficulty will help you achieve your goals and see continuous improvement.

Final Thoughts

Threezero’s Technogym Biocircuit is designed to make your workouts efficient and effective, even with a busy schedule. By understanding and utilising the compliance score system, you can ensure that every session counts towards your fitness goals. Remember, the sweet spot is challenging yet achievable, and gradual progression is your best friend.

Come visit us at the Cape Quarter shopping centre in De Waterkant, Cape Town, and experience the benefits of the Biocircuit for yourself. Let’s hit those compliance scores and elevate your fitness game together!