3 ways to boost your Metabolism – the key to weight loss

Metabolism, the body’s calorie-burning process, plays a key role in weight management. Instead of relying on expensive supplements, here are three natural ways to boost your metabolism and one thing to avoid:
Mind Your Diet: Opt for a balanced diet that includes protein-rich foods, as they require more energy to digest, boosting metabolism by 15%. Incorporate vegetables, wholegrain carbs, and healthy fats for overall health and weight loss.
Stay Active: Regular physical activity, including strength training, increases muscle mass, raising your basal metabolic rate. Aim for 30 minutes of daily exercise with two days of strength training to keep your metabolism high.
Prioritize Sleep: Lack of sleep disrupts energy balance, increasing hunger and cravings while slowing metabolism. Aim for seven hours of uninterrupted sleep by avoiding screens before bedtime.
Avoid Diet Pills and Supplements: The $33 billion industry touting metabolism-boosting supplements lacks scientific evidence. Caffeine and capsaicin may provide temporary effects, but long-term weight loss remains unproven. Focus on proven methods instead.
Boost your metabolism naturally for better health and lasting weight management. And join threezero to make your daily 30 minutes of exercise fun, safe and simple!