"Hands down, the best gym I have ever joined. Biocircuit gym is the future and best for anyone who is intimidated and not quite sure what to do with gym equipment."
Nata Gianni

Do you experience ‘gymtimidation’?

  • Too many people
  • Unsure of what to do or how to do it
  • Worried you might be judged

When you step into a conventional gym you are overwhelmed by the number of people and all the different equipment.
You don’t know where to start, what to do or how to do it correctly.
You are worried people will laugh at you.

At threezero we have solved that problem.

Our Biocircuit is easy to use. And lots of fun.

  • Just log in at the kiosk and you are directed to the first machine. 
  • The machine is ready for you and sets up with all your personal settings. 
  • The seat moves to your correct height. Your personalised programme is loaded.
  • This is the future of fitness.
Single log in
"So glad I came across threezero! I've been struggling to get back into a good routine but the Biocircuit setup makes things so easy and takes away any insecurities you may feel in a regular gym, especially when just starting out."
Julia Venter

You’ve tried a personal trainer, but you cannot fit into their schedule. And they are expensive.

At threezero you train according to your schedule.
Just arrive, log in and start your workout.

You never get stuck or have to wait for anyone.
30 minutes after starting you will be finished with your session. Guaranteed.

The circuit’s AI knows all your settings and sets up each machine for you.
No need to make any manual adjustments or remember things like seat heights or weight levels.
The training is gamified making it easy to do each exercise correctly.
As you finish you are given a score showing you how accurately you completed the exercise and then shown which machine to go to next.

"Truly amazing gym. The atmosphere is stunning, the hygiene is spotless and the machines are so easy to use making your experience phenomenal. The team's attitude is so welcoming and always available to assist you if need be. Wow honestly so worth it!!! Well done everyone:)"
Samantha Tuchman
threezero's Biocircuit

How long does a session take?
Exactly 30 minutes.

Is it a full body workout?
Yes, a cardio and strength workout targeting all the major muscle groups.

Do I need to book a workout?
No. You can train whenever is convenient. Your digital personal trainer is always ready for you.

Do I need help to use the machines?
The machines are incredibly easy to use. They know all your settings and adjust automatically.

How does the circuit work?
You are guided from one machine to the next with 30 seconds to move between them. All adjustments are automated.

How do I know what to do?
The training is ‘gamified’ making it simple and ensuring you perform each exercise accurately.

What is the Biodrive engine?
This engine eliminates the need for weights. It also means each machine can provide different types of resistance ranging from isotonic to elastic or viscous.

How do I progress?
Every six weeks we do an assessment. This shows how much your strength has increased on each machine. Our trainer will discuss your progress and adjust your programme if necessary.

Is it safe?
Very safe. You cannot hurt yourself. There are no weights to drop and your form is carefully controlled.
And you never need to put a weight away ever again!

Where is the studio?
We are located in Cape Town’s De Waterkant in the Cape Quarter shopping centre with an entrance on Dixon Street.
You can also access us from Parking Level A.