8 Week Kickstart Challenge

There are three pillars to success with your wellness journey.

  • Training
  • Nutriton
  • Accountability

Our 8 Week Challenge incorporates all three of these to ensure you achieve your goals.

At the start of the challenge we will set a goal with you. We will then provide the guided training, personalised meal plan and accountability coaching you need to reach that goal.

And if you hit your goal within the 8 weeks you will earn the first month of your membership for free.

Your goal could be weight loss or strength gain. Whatever it is, we will set it together with you and then work with you, holding you accountable, to help you achieve it.

We will determine the best training programme for you and provide you with a personalised meal plan. Our coach will ensure you stick to your training plan.

After the first 4 weeks we will do an assessment and again at the end of the challenge.

If at any point during the challenge you achieve your goal you will earn your money back by getting the first month of a membership free.

Find out more by booking a trial and experience our Biocircuit. The future of fitness.